Bourne Out Of Timeless Destruction


By Christopher Rupley and Phen Weston


Transplanted days

form new connections

away from the thunder

of occurrences uncontrolled,

freedom transforms

promised bounty

for all those who live

each moment to the brim

and who am I to argue?

Forever is a long

time to wait within!


Although thoughts drift

and stray between the

thoughts that carry us

between what is now

and what is soon to come,

we have already won,

become undone,

and become atoned


The clock hands


ever changing,

denouncing troubles

that come our way

as only hours lost one day,

atonement lives on

as memories,


leaving our selves

with what we think

we openly deserve.

Don’t we deserve the best?


And time becomes

our enemy and our friend,

an enabler,

a cage,

a majestic muse,

a canvas of limitless


and a window

through which we

all must see,

and this reality

is ours,

and we will bear

its pain,

for we are borne

of fire and will

all make the same

transition into what

lies beyond this



(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and Phen Weston. Make sure and check out his blog by visiting




7 thoughts on “Bourne Out Of Timeless Destruction

  1. Thanks Ben! Our collaboration inspired me to connect with other writers on Thanks for lighting a creative fire under my ass! Ha…


  2. I agree. I find it invigorating to bounce ideas off of someone else’s style. I believe it is helping me further develop my poetry. That’s what I asked for in the first place. First, you made me think differently, and now Phen is. It’s great! Make sure and let me know when you’re ready to create something together again. Phen is also an excellent candidate for the possibility of doing our own indy press like we discussed. Just a thought…


  3. Yeah, it’s something we should think about. Just don’t know the exact details on how to best set it all up. We definitely could get a broad scope of collaborations of poetry from wordpress. Definitely something to look into.


  4. Agreed. I’ve been trying to make friends on this thing like crazy after meeting you. We should both do some independent research and come together with what we find. However, I realize you’re still in the middle of writing your second novel this summer, so whenever you have free time. If I find anything useful, I’ll drop you a line.


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