Cracks In The Mask

By Christopher Rupley and Benjamin Grossman


Within you

I found 
the fragments of heaven’s demise,

beyond the lies

that have crippled

the thoughts,



and wonder



All those minds

that would rather

burn than shine,

turn face-down

and hide behind

the expired tick-tocks

of history’s time


Within you

I found

the origins of hell,

the lies you told

so well

beyond the thin

veil of the face

that is a wolf

wearing sheep’s



Though I am convinced

some darker creature

rests within you.


(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and Benjamin Grossman. Make sure and check out his blog by visiting


6 thoughts on “Cracks In The Mask

  1. Thanks Phen! Be sure and let me know when you want to collaborate again. I’ve been given a short sabbatical from work, and I would love to create something else with you.


  2. I’m happy to collaborate any time my friend. As you said, it’s good for the soul. I am currently away for the next week, but should still have some time in the evenings to work on something. Send me an email whenever you’re ready 🙂


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