It’s Happened Again

By Christopher Rupley

Well, I’ve reluctantly let it happen again, and don’t get me wrong, being employed at all is MUCH better than not being employed, but I don’t want to wait tables forever. During my youth, and especially during college, I waited tables to get-by, as well as take care of my precious little boy. And listen, I don’t mind taking care of people who apparently don’t know how to take care of themselves. The real problem for me is that I graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake over 11 months ago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. As generic as that may sound, it actually lends itself quite well to several different fields. What fields, you might ask? For starters, and for me personally, I am an avid writer. No – not just on, although I love this place, as well as my artistic brethren, and always will. I’ve always love to write. So much so, that I’ve often wondered why everyone next to me, be it in classes, or some job over the years, couldn’t write well. It actually astounded me, to be honest. But I digress. Second, I am a decent web designer. I love spending hours on the computer creating some design for a website, whether it is for some freelance client, or for personal reasons. Third, I absolutely love photography! I have been at it for years now, and there is nothing more fulfilling to me that grabbing my camera gear and heading out for a photo-hunt, wherever that ends up taking me, or my son! I’m so happy that I have a little partner in this mess called life now! Fourth, I’m also adept at social media administration. I know, I know. That sounds lame, but it is actually a growing field for all companies hoping to increase their digital footprint, and market their brands more effectively. Fifth, considering the fact that I love to write, love photography, and greatly enjoy web design, I’m a decent graphic artist. Although, I’m not your typical artist who just creates to create. I spent years learning the tools necessary to create with various Adobe programs, and I’d prefer to be hired for a job before I just let loose with my talents. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have examples. I do!

With that being said, I have recently been through an 11-month stint of finding absolutely no job with my Bachelor of Arts degree, and I am heading right back to waiting tables so that I don’t end up living on the street. I know that I’m not alone, simply because I can read and research the Internet, but this sucks. Don’t we deserve more, as college graduates? The answer is yes. We do deserve more! We deserve more than busting our chops, only to find job offers that come with ridiculous experience expectations. I recently found an administrative assistant job that required 7 years experience! What the hell? The fact of the matter is that a company would rather hire someone they know has less of an education, but more experience, because they know that they can cap their salary at a lower level.

If this economy every wants to grow, long term, there are going to have to be some serious changes made in this country.

I know that I’m not alone. If you agree, or have a similar story, please comment below. Until then, God speed and good luck to you in your career search.



6 thoughts on “It’s Happened Again

  1. I know you’re right. Good luck to you as well, Ben. I want to thank you for your encouragement. It is much needed. I did find a temp job at a company in North Houston, but I have to drive 40 mins, each way, to and from work, and it will likely only last 3-5 months. Hopefully, I’m about to start substitute teaching locally, while I finish my alternative teaching certification. I just got real down on myself because I graduated last December, and it has taken this long to find anything that was a fit for me and my son. It has definitely been a lesson in patience, my brother…

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  2. You’re welcome and thanks. I know how you feel, for sure. It sounds like you have a plan. You shouldn’t feel down about that. Have great night and rest of your weekend!


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