The Gift of Generations

By Christopher Rupley


Large frame,

coke-bottle lenses

atop a beefy mustache,

reminiscent of

the 70s


With a crinkled-nose

stare that let you know

he was asking himself

what you were thinking,

what you were doing,

why you were even trying


But what he didn’t know

is that everything he


every time he offered

me that confused gaze,

he gave me a gift


And whether it was

doing better or

constantly questioning


I will never let my

own son rest,

not without expecting

him to expect more

from himself,

to question everything


I wonder who started this?







4 thoughts on “The Gift of Generations

  1. Thanks, brother! I think so too. Growing up, I never understood why my father constantly corrected my grammar, spelling and punctuation, but as I rose through the ranks of education, it became abundantly clear that he had given me a gift that would carry over into many areas of my life – to set goals, accomplish them, and always raise the bar for myself.

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