By Christopher Rupley and Amber Isbill


Failing hands,

hearts and minds gather,

baggage in tow,

past anchored at the hip,

amidst the rubble,

a growing glow

burns within my heart


And I let the current take me

to places I have only dreamt of,

capturing my gaze amongst

the vast space between,

to a place that I have never before seen


A place that beckons my name,

calling me to present myself

without the shame that followed

me here,

haunting me along

the way


And along my desolate path

I see a light that tells me

to give up all that I have ever known,

and as I follow into the light

I ask only that you take me as I am


I will follow you into the void,

past all my fears and memories,

to a place where I am finally free,

so give me your dreams

and tell me everything I long for,

those sweet words that can’t pass

over my lips


For I alone am nothing,

and yet your love,

your love captures me,

like the laughter of a child,

like the joy in pain that is

only felt by the bearer

of what burden

you allowed to shape them,

to mold them into a victorious,

sopping pile of weakness



with failing hands raised,

I beg that you never leave

and always hide in the shadows

of my pain,

the place where our journey began…


( This is a poetic collaborative effort between myself and the VERY talented Amber Isbill. She honors me with the presence of her writing on my blog. I regret to inform that she doesn’t have an online portfolio to which I can point. God willing, she will join our community on WordPress soon).


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