By Christopher Rupley and Amber Isbill


Torn apart,

I am as desolate

as the torrential rain that

pours all around me,

and I cry out for you,

but find no answer


Tear me further,

until there is nothing left

of my wretched,

broken heart,

and I’ll surrender to you


Show me how to

entertain the thought

of humility,

to submit myself to

what is beyond

my desires,

my needs,

my wants and hopes


Let me shudder to think

of a time I walked alone,

a time when I wrecked myself

every time a thought entered

my skull made of bones,

especially the ones that have

taken me farther from my home


And let me be built

of brokenness still,

fill the crevices of my soul

with your exorbitant excellence –

show me how you mend my mind,

to bend it to your will…


(This is a poetic collaborative effort between myself and the VERY talented Amber Isbill. She honors me with the presence of her writing on my blog. I regret to inform that she doesn’t have an online portfolio to which I can point. God willing, she will join our community on WordPress soon).


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