Sight Beyond Sight

By Christopher Rupley and Benjamin Grossman

divides eyes
unwilling to
unwind the

is some
before in
the soon after
though vision
may not

is just half
of what we need
if young days
are to

a time
before we
could ever see
the things that
make us

(This is a poetic collaboration between myself and the very talented Benjamin Grossman. We took our own approach to formed poetry, and made each line of each stanza range from 1 to 4 syllables, then back down to 1 syllable. It was challenging, but rewarding. If you like what you see, please be sure to follow this blog, as well as check out Ben’s blog by visiting The Breakdown of Taboo).


3 thoughts on “Sight Beyond Sight

  1. Thanks! I emailed Ben with an idea I had when I was inspired by a formed poem I saw the other day. I thought to myself, we should just microform each stanza, and it worked out more beautifully than I had hoped. We should try it, Phen! If you read the disclaimer at the bottom, it further explains the structure of each stanza, but I’m down to create any version, or simply bud something new for us!

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