Free Reign

By Christopher Rupley and Patience

I wonder
if the clouds
if they float above
familiar cities
and reminisce about
long gone rainstorms
and blue days
where they were all
but invisible
in the tiny wisps of white
dashing the sky.

Do they think
of me,
crawling on this
desperate rock below,
walking the veins
we call city streets,
while they fly
so high,
in their ethereal kingdom,
mapping out our
ever-changing skies?

perhaps they are
good at moving on
because they never
stay the same anyway,
misty reminders
of spring days,
only caring for the wind
blowing them free
and beyond the solidity
of these concrete boxes
we call hearts.

Do these waves that
break the sky
offer me a way out,
remind me that
I’m neither tethered
to a place
nor this pain?

Oh! Why must they
constantly showcase
their freedom
and reign
in the rain
that falls so freely?

(This is a poetic collaboration between myself and the very talented, Patience. She is an absolute pleasure to read, and even more of a pleasure to write with. PLEASE check out her blog by visiting loveletterstoaghost).


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