Rivers of Reformation

By Christopher Rupley and Phen Weston

The tides inside
remind me
of a
when we
didn’t hide
behind our pride

mimicked those
by lost
rivers of

Though similar
inside, we
hide in
of our time,
ravished we cry

Conception haunts
those lonely
we wait
for one more
dawn to blossom…

(This is a poetic collaboration between myself and the incredible Phen Weston. These are formed stanzas, each line of which goes from 4 syllables down to 1 syllable and back up again. Please be check out his blog by visiting darknesswarmth


8 thoughts on “Rivers of Reformation

  1. I’m as good as I expected to be. I’ve been going through a child custody battle for almost two years, and now a divorce – separate women. But I digress. Surely this will give me more fodder for my digital repertoire…

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