Love’s Refuge (Double Sedoka)

By Christopher Rupley and Jadedmess

The look in your eyes
beckons me to do my best,
reminding me that your love
is like saving Grace-
never absent in my flaws, 
ever present in my dreams

The touch of your hands
assures that you will bestow
abiding refuge and love-
How can I ignore
such tenderness amid strength?
My soul brims with ecstasy

(This is a poetic collaboration between myself and Jadedmess. It is a form of Waka called double Sedoka, and the count is 5-7-7-5-7-7, 5-7-7-5-7-7. It is an ancient form of dialogue between Japanese lovers. She is a diamond in the rough. Please check out the rest of her work by visiting Jadedmess).

10 thoughts on “Love’s Refuge (Double Sedoka)

  1. Let me know when you would like to write another one. I think this is a beautiful form of writing too. It seems so personal and passionate to imagine it being between lovers. It’s a pity relationships don’t operate like this anymore, because I would sign up to write like this in a relationship in a heartbeat. This time, you start! Haha

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  2. Okay I will (start, that is) πŸ™‚
    It would be incredible if relationships did operate like this. Writing between 2 lovers would be very intimate.

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  3. Agreed. That’s nothing I’ve ever experienced. It might be a whole different world to be inside each others minds instead of lost in one’s own.


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