You Want More?

By Christopher Rupley

I can’t write –
not well anyway,
and I hate when the
blank pages scream at
me for more

I don’t have more!

I’m on empty!


One day soon I’ll
recommit to the muse
that carries me through,
to the passenger in me,
in all of us,
begging us to reach
deeper into the depths
of who we are

until that comes to
I’ll just try and
keep my mind off
of the shrieking
pad next to me

“Good luck with that”
(said the voice inside my head)!


35 thoughts on “You Want More?

  1. Screaming blank pages–OH NO!!! Okay, I’ll be serious–you underestimate your writing talent. Yes, honestly, it’s true. Just keep writing–soon you’ll look at a piece and say, “Did I really write that??!! WOW!!!”

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  2. Haha! Thank you so much 🙂 I don’t hate my writing. I can’t vouch for some of my earlier stuff, but this past year has been really good to me, at least as far as my poetry. This was more of an ode to the voice in my head telling me to write when I feel a blockage…


  3. I don’t know, I’ve been around since Aug 2011–but I have a habit of ditching blogs and starting new ones. Other women shop for shoes, but I can’t afford that–decorating new blogs is free. So now I’m on a Katauta roll…..and I’m gonna blame you if I don’t get any housework done!

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  4. Oh, this is fun! So, when are you going to email me so we can collaborate on a piece? I don’t care if it is versed or free verse at this point. I HAVE to write with you!


  5. A fool with a pen–sounds like a poem, there, Sir. Tell me how, or where, to start–or maybe you need to start, and then I’ll jump in (like skipping rope). I’ll need your email again, as I didn’t make a note of it.

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  6. Got it. I have a couple Sedoka on the stove that I need to put in draft/schedule, but here’s my fast idea: I could start the top of a Sedoka from that “fool with a pen” line–and you could do the bottom half, if you’d like to make a trial run. Will email you when I get a free minute.

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  7. That’s a good question, Lerene. I’ve consciously avoided the manifested verbal idiosyncrasies of Texas’ colloquialisms my entire life. I’m sure that just transcended into my writing style. That, and my father has been correcting my grammar since I can remember. I can do a good parody, though! Honest!


  8. Excellent–I just sent you an email, but it aborted, so I rechecked address: copied it wrong. Did I tell you my alias is “Mrs Magoo”? Good grief, will resend with correct address now…..

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