Longsuffering (Tetractys)


By Christopher Rupley



Why do

I always

have to be the

strongest person I know when I suffer?


My integrity is chiseled out of

the pain I bear

when alone;

I am





believe the

ghosts in my head

telling me my pain is my companion,


Is it not called longsuffering for a

reason? Am I

to wallow

with no



© Christopher Rupley


(This form is called Tetractys and since there are multiple stanzas, each one after the initial stanza is inverted in count. Thanks again, Lerene)!



7 thoughts on “Longsuffering (Tetractys)

  1. Thanks! It seems like every time I find one, I find ten more just around the corner. I’m loving it! I’m just trying to pay it forward, and I’m getting a lot of love from some great writers on WordPress too. I feel like I’ve got a whole family here, albeit one that spans around the world 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! I’m trying not to run out of steam! I’m getting a lot of support though. I just keep writing every day…I might call on you in a bit to do a Renga with me, Jaded and maybe, Phen. It’s a 36 lines collaborative form of Japanese poetry. Keep your eyes peeled. Still not sure when yet, though…


  3. It is, and the way it looks when written with multiple stanzas reminds me of the way some concrete/formed poetry can look – taking on the appearance of shapes, etc…


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