Damned (Pleiades)

By Christopher Rupley


Destruction is upon

deviant devils who

defiantly act out

doomed parts in this crass play

designed for a higher

divinity than they –

damned perpetually


© Christopher Rupley

(This form is called Pleiades and the structure is as follows: the title must be one word, there are 7 total lines, each line must have 6 syllables, and each line must begin with the title’s first letter. Thanks for sharing, Lerene)!


8 thoughts on “Damned (Pleiades)

  1. Hogwash! Yours is just splendid! I need to find a common ground between making my formed poetry all one thought, or sentence, and breaking it up to make it more interesting, or a least playing with going back and forth with it!


  2. You should see my notebooks. That’s right! I actually write things down!! The only time I only use the computer to write is when I’m home. The rest of the time I use my notebook app, but mostly use my actual notebook…


  3. That’s my life while I’m at work, except the transposition occurs from pen and pad to tiny screen on the WordPress app, and then I edit via tiny screen on the actual website because, for some reason, HTML edits don’t compare very well with the iOS versions of their app yet…maybe next update


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