Love In Ten Lines

Love tears down walls
and love builds them –
for love always wins –
because love is the
love of my life.
And love surrounds my
hate, making a love
slave where no love
was – planting love where
no love could exist

© Christopher Rupley

***I was challenged by Patience and Jadedmess to write about love in ten lines – Both amazing writers! Even if they stole some of my potential invites! Haha! I eternally forgive them…


1) Write about love using only 10 lines
2) Use “love” in every line
3) Each line can only be 4 words long
4) Nominate 10 or so others who are up for the challenge
5) Let them know about the challenge
6) Title the post, Love in Ten Lines
7) Include a quote about love (See bottom for details)


1). Hasty Words
2). Phen Weston
3). Dana
4). DarkyBlue
5). Alex B.
6). Lerene


Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”

-James Baldwin


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