My ‘Forte’

By Christopher Rupley


I’m not a great man,

and fairly uninviting,

but there is one catch,

that my forte is writing!


I’ll take a challenge

any day of any week,

writing till I bleed,

just don’t ask me to be meek…


© Christopher Rupley


(Introducing the “Forte” form: 4 lines, 5-7-5-7 syllable count; 2nd and 4th lines must rhyme–you choose number of stanzas. My good friend, Lerene over at Albatross Alley conjured up this form. Thanks, Lerene)!


6 thoughts on “My ‘Forte’

  1. I’m sure you have days when “real life” demands precedence over such things as blog comments. I’ve tried to be diligent in my comments at your blog, and giving you mention on mine–I’m sorry if I’m unable to meet your expectations.


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