Realistic Semblances

Vivid delusions in the
dead of night take flight
within our higher faculties,
and specters that dwell in
our minds’ subconscious
release of burdensome reality
fight for their chance
to speak,

Moving from one frame
to the next,
dissolving scenes like
feeble bones in a bath of acid,
they battle for our
hoping to break into our
sullied existence
with captivating facsimiles,
to teach us what age
robbed us of –
our innocence,

And maybe they’re the ones
trying to wake up,
and we simply keep levying
their time,
putting them to bed,
batting them away as
they make one last
ditch effort,
leaking through our
eyes in the morning,
into our dreary physical world…


© Christopher Rupley 2015


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