Veiled Moon Tableau



Howling trees visit

a moon-lit sky rife

with superstition,

as our muffled steps

carry us closer

to the edge of fear


© Christopher Rupley


(The form is called Tableau, and the structure is: 6 lines, 5 beats per line with no set rhyme scheme, and the title has to include the work Tableau, simply because, ‘Tableau’ means picture. This particular Tableau was created specifically for the recent Picture Prompt Challenge instigated by fellow writer, Debra).


11 thoughts on “Veiled Moon Tableau

  1. Thanks, Lerene!!! I just entered that one into a Picture Prompt Challenge I was invited to…I can’t wait to see how I did, and everyone else’s work…


  2. Thanks! I’m really glad you like it. I often think of using my poetry as prose. I rarely write prose poetry, and I haven’t tried my hand at short stories in years. Maybe it’s time to branch out again. I’m hoping I’ll be done with my micro-poetry manuscript by summertime, and it would be nice to try the short story genre again…


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