Tinder Love

Your fingers dance their way
up my spine,
waltzing footprints
on my skin,

echoing back
the “I love you’s”
breathed in dark rooms
between sweaty hands
and heaving hearts.

And I am undone,
among your midnight whispers
and clinging to the gravity of this.

I can feel your body shake
as I run my lips over
every patch of pale,
trembling skin,
each stroke of my tongue
wandering toward hidden

Your back arches in
fervent anticipation,
and we are one,
we are entirety
and in pieces
all at once,

begging for the heat
to melt us together,
to bind our souls,
to fit our puzzle-piece hearts
within infinity’s grasp,
matching our bodies’
desire to the design
of the universe –
all together and alone
all at once…

© Christopher Rupley and Patience 2015

(This is a poetic collaboration between myself and Patience. Please go check out the rest of her amazing work by visiting Loveletterstoaghost).


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