4th Graders

Substitute teaching

fourth grade students is a lot

like babysitting


© Christopher Rupley 2015


13 thoughts on “4th Graders

  1. Don’t get me wrong! They were great! All but one class at one school this week were great so far! As far as a perfect grade, I’m not sure. I’ll be taking content tests in grades EC-8th grade, so I’ll be teaching the young ones until I can manage to graduate from grad school! Then, I will be trying to teach community college or become an adjunct professor at the university level…we shall see…mwuahahahah!


  2. Wow. I was just thinking that the older they get–through high school–the more difficult they may be, all their dramas that can’t be solved with a bandaid. I wish you success, and plenty of patience and peace.

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  3. Good–I have horrid memories of my 5th grade teacher; she was pregnant and a total Witch. However, I suspect her near-daily class punishment of 300-500-word themes we had to write, may have built a foundation for my gift.

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