Houston Photo-Hunt

This week I decided to relax before anything bad happened, so I threw back a couple of beers at my favorite Bistro, and went on a four-hour photo hunt, walking around Downtown Houston. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I don’t need anything but myself, and my camera gear. The rest works itself out.


I love the public art in Houston. It’s totally abstract, inspiring, and everywhere!


In, and around, the Theater District is always a fun place to photograph. I don’t care how many times I walk down the same streets in Houston, there is always a new photo to take – a new persepctive. This place has a vintage look that is basically screaming, “take a picture of me!”


I’m in love with landscape and architecture shots as much as I am Photoshop.


This might just be my newest favorite photograph. I know it doesn’t look like one, but it was originally a picture of Margo Sawyer’s “Synchronicity of Color,” which is located at Discovery Green Park in Houston. A few creative clicks later, and I had turned it into a really cool adaptation. You should check out the link above to see her work. She is very inspiring!


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