Fragmenting Resistance

Lightning speed doesn’t

aptly describe the paths

taken by thoughts

grooming me for a better future,

for a time when apathy

is a slave to my happiness,

and joy is among

the many fruits of my labor


I keep reaching for the one,

to pin it down,

and make it stay

so I can see clearly

the way to satisfaction,

but direction is always so muddled,

obscured by the speed

at which my heart races

toward fulfillment.


Maybe there is one

possible future in which

I win,

in which my twisted soul

finds less resistance

from the crude,

fragmented world I find myself

sheathed inside


By Christopher Rupley and Patience 2015


(This is a poetic collaboration between myself and a poetess that I consider myself lucky to have ever met, let alone have the pleasure to write with. Her name is Patience, and it would be in your best interests to read her other works by visiting Loveletterstoaghost).



7 thoughts on “Fragmenting Resistance

  1. Patience is a great friend, and wonderful to write with. I couldn’t have done this without her. We have a unique way of articulating one another’s thoughts. Btw, if you ever want to do a collaboration, just let me know, brother. I’m always looking for another fellow writer to share pain with…

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