I haven’t been myself in days. I’m still trying to write, but it just isn’t working…


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  1. Know the feeling.

    Just keep at it. If anything inspires you, just hold onto that inspiring moment.

    I made a blog post about my past poems and how much I’ve progressed since then. I wrote a poem about how thankful I was for people around me. Keep trying!

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  2. Because I’ve never seen you post on my blog, and I like to know who I am talking to. Is that a problem? Here. I’ll start. I’m Christopher from The Brown Bag Special, and I’ve published two books, and an ass-load of photography. It’s your turn…


  3. Haha no not a problem at all. I just don’t normally tell people my life story when I comment.

    I’m Tiegan from Harbour. I’m fifteen years old, been published four or five times (poetry and photography). I work under Avenoir Magazine regularly and I’ve been shortlisted for the Poetry Object 2014 and 2015 contest. Started my blog just over a month ago.

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