Obtunded Rebirth

I awoke from the
coma of a culture
on emotional
furlough –
wrenched from
my deep slumber
and the oneiric
pleasures wholeheartedly
enlisting the services
of my subconscious,

with its deep
swinging valleys,
and lilly-lipped

I awoke from the
coma of a culture
dashed against cliffs
carved with
self-indulging narcosis
between the flashing skies.
In hazed deliverance
we died in droves,
posted upon our
social networks,
dropped in convulsive calm,
and held hostage by
angry empty stomachs,

but blinded by our
stardust hearts – eclipsed
in darker dreams
than our Unknown universe,

where we stood and gawked,
but the empty void
did nothing but mirror
our fears,
and mock our indiscretions

© Phen Weston and Christopher Rupley 2015

(This has been another eye-opening collaboration with the extremely talented, Phen Weston. Please check out the rest of his work here).


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