Revenant Love

Broken bones
amount to nothing
as my patchwork
heart makes
its way upstage,
collapsing under the
pressure of
your steel asylum,
asphyxiating my
hopeless rage,
and slaughtering my fear
until it recedes into
the blackness from
which it first sprung.

My timid heart
wades gingerly into
the limelight
once more,
feebly holding
onto the rails that
break through the mote
of ghostly memories
you imparted,

and screams
bellow fervently
from the weakness
you stitched into
the painful nostalgia
that haunts me

© Georgette Ann and Christopher Rupley 2015

(This is the first collaboration I have done with the very talented Georgette Ann. Make sure to visit her page, and check out the rest of her work here).


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