Brief Dialogue

Tom: “Did you hear about asshole who stopped traffic just
to propose to his fiancé? I mean…who does that?
We should start a Facebook petition to make that

Me: “Don’t you have something else to obscurely misinterpret,
and pass around?”

Tom: “…ummm”

Me: “By the way, your sister just posted something, and said that
her idiot boyfriend tried to throw her out of the car while
they we’re driving on I-99, because it was ‘cheaper than an
abortion.’ Anyway, the local police station really screwed it
up, because he only got detained for obstructing traffic.
Apparently, she didn’t want to have him arrested for domestic
violence, again. That’s interesting…”

Tom: “I hate you…”

Me: “I know. You’re welcome.”

© Christopher Rupley 2015


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