Maladjusted Ether

Find me wasting away
in glass bottoms
with wisps of
decadent bourbon,
and tones of
charbroiled cast-iron
casks emanating
from a kisser
that sooner
swallows death
obtuse murmurs

Devoid of self,
but not of shell,
tumbling without resistance
through manifest currents
and omniscient volition,
tenebrous seas conceal
ephemeral glimpses
of desire –
muted solely through the lens
of empty glasses,

but this soaked curtain
veiling innocuous agony
is merely a mirage
existing solely in the
canals of
a garbled,
ruptured skull
thick with
tangible resentment,
frosted glares,
deeply carved voids,
unsteady existence,
and palpable yearning
for something
I’ve ruined

Ā© Goldfrost91 and Christopher Rupley 2016

(This is my first collaboration with GoldFrost91. She is a very talented writer with a very talented mind. Please be sure to check out the rest of her ramblings – as she would call them – by visiting here).


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