Check-And-Balance Bullshit

My wily ego
stands on hind legs in garbage
-can rags begging for
a second chance to scout the
path ahead with scorned
neighbors still acquiescing…

The Id is drowning
months of battered neglect in
scotch whiskey, and porno-mags

© Christopher Rupley 2016

(This is a Choka, and it stems from a group of Eastern forms of poetry called Waka. The syllable count is 5-7-5-7-5-7…5-7-7).


11 thoughts on “Check-And-Balance Bullshit

  1. There are many different forms of versed poetry…far too many to discuss here, but this is one of five types of Japanese poetry termed Waka. They are named as follows:

    1. Bussokusekiko
    2. Choka
    3. Katauta
    4. Sedoka
    5. Tanka

    You should be able to find the counts online, but I conveniently write them in a brief description below every post when I use that form.

    Have a great day, Chris!

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