Breaching the cliffs
canteen in hand
mind lost
among the
littered gully
you wipe your brow
letting in more
than you intended
wrenching open
the river’s mouth
and swallowing
her whole

© Christopher Rupley 2016

(I’m trying to convince myself that perspective dictates the necessity of needing to use proper punctuation, or even structure, in my poetry. This idea that lines don’t have to follow syntax properly. This is something that I’ve struggled with in my writing for years, because I want to err on the side of structure. It has helped me in so many ways, but I need more sometimes. I need balance. I understand that learning the mechanics of a language allows one to creatively break them, and I’m trying to unlearn them so that I can stretch my arms a bit. It feels odd,  but I see so many poets neglecting proper punctuation that I eventually had to investigate for myself).

Also inspired by the writings of Leonard, and Chris “The Toad.” Check them out…


6 thoughts on “Testing

  1. I love that you expressed your concerns. At first, when I only saw the compact version, before I opened the post, I thought – um, missing commas. Not that I would have said anything. Then I remembered you are a poet! I think the punctuation is distracting in poetry. Spread your arms wide and let your words fly free.

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  2. You’re around enough to know that I generally always keep grammar, spelling, and especially punctuation in mind, but I’m trying to understand why I’ve always done that just because I don’t want to.

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  3. Generally always! Yes, all those rules are important for regular communication. Poetry isn’t simply communication, it’s food for the soul. With or without, I will continue to seek nourishment through your words!

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