we’re the
mold, or the
dark spots form around

© Christopher Rupley 2016

(This is a word count Cinquain, and the count is 1-2-3-4-1. Don’t confuse this with a syllable count Cinquain, which is different, and is 2-4-6-8-2. Aside from those counts, I don’t adhere to any guidelines, because I find them restricting. It’s already a containment zoo anyway. Cheers!). 


5 thoughts on “Spores

  1. I just posted my review of Middle Class Memories on amazon. Check later today after it clears their review. I’m sorry it took so long but these last few months have been a bit eventful since I decided to return to the US. I will try to do the second review before I leave.

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  2. No apologies necessary, Leonard. Life hands us all kinds of situations. I’m just lucky to have a friend like you. On another note, we should consider writing together sometime this year. It’s never too late to dance, and I could sure use your unique outlook on life.

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