Haiku 5-7-5

Don’t let it take me –
the cell vacuum sealed by
inquiry orbits…

© Christopher Rupley 2016

(There is an interesting duality here. First, I was inferring the reality of being trapped by one’s own thoughts. Second, there is a larger hidden meaning: our universe is a cell, and everything orbits something else. Maybe we’re trapped thoughts ourselves…part of a larger sentient presence…who knows, really? It’s fun to think about).


3 thoughts on “Haiku 5-7-5

  1. Interesting thought..

    Here’s a question,

    my thoughts have been,

    to travel through a black hole…

    Now this won’t be possible using my human vehicle!

    what i see is more space similar to our own, only filled with new wonders an planets giving life… (As a new space is born! Within each dying star…)


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