Day Horror Dream Scene

I woke up from a dream last night, and wrote this down immediately. I loved it, and immediately went back to sleep in hopes that the scene would continue. I am always excited when I have an original nightmare, or scary dream. I believe it is because I have a yearning for real horror, and the movie industry has ruined most of that for me. I’ve always thought that if you can accomplish a good horror scene during the day then you’ve done your job as a director, or a producer. I’m not pretending to be either, but I did want to share this vivid dream sequence. This is just a description of the scene. I may, or may not add dialogue later.¬†

Day Horror.

Young female narrating.

The audience sees a young woman scrolling through Internet job descriptions, and there is a time-lapse of her interviewing for several different types of odd-jobs. She is nearing the end of her day, and there is one more job on her list to investigate, and it is an administrative position for a home business of some sort. There is a sense of ambiguity, but she is getting a bit desperate. She approaches the house. It is a nice house. No concerns there. She knocks on the door, and almost immediately a very nicely dressed, well-mannered young man answers with a smile. She introduces herself, and explains that she is interested in the administrative position. The host responds in kind, and almost immediately ushers her into the house. The house is well-kempt. No cause for alarm there. They exchange niceties as he briefly explains his business, and leads her throughout the home, stopping to note the bedrooms he has repurposed into offices, and as they get further down the hallway there is a door to the left only half-open. It all seems legitimate. He mentions needing to relieve himself in the bathroom, excuses himself, and announces that she is more than welcome to wait for him in the previously mentioned room until he returns. She acknowledges.

He exits.

First person view ensues.

She opens the door, and walks inside, flips the light switch on, and finds herself in a room with couches, and chairs, only all of the seats are filled with bodies that have been wrapped in plastic sheets, and carpet. She is horrified, and runs from the room looking for an exit, but can’t find one. She is in shock at this point. Her world is spinning, and she fumbles in a panic-stricken manner trying to find the exit from the hallway, but only continues to open the other offices, finding nothing but the same – more bodies wrapped with plastic sheets, and carpet sitting upright on every available seat. The last room she opens contains the same morbid truth only there is one available seat left.

I woke up before the male reappeared. I can only assume the last seat was for her. I just thought it was a decent scene – decent enough to share anyway.


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