Man Behind The Curtain

Photo on 6-8-12 at 11.20 AM


Christopher currently lives in Houston, Texas, and enjoys photography, graphic design, social media, journalism, free verse and all types of versed poetry, as well as video editing and production. He does freelance video editing and production, and he is a legally ordained minister; he uses this license to officiate wedding ceremonies. Honestly, he’s just trying to steal money out of the pocket of the stranger in the black robe at the courthouse you were trying to hire to marry you in the first place. Lastly, he works a full-time job, because life sucks without a steady income, health benefits, and the potential for future growth, especially when you are a single parent!

There’s no need for filling out silly contact forms to get in touch with Christopher. Just connect with him on Facebook: Christopher Michael Rupley, Twitter: @crup1985, OR, send him an email:



-Me writing in third person